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Jason Herndon’s Newest Single, “Never Had a Bad Day,” Reveals an Inspiring Story Behind the Music

Country singer-songwriter and CMA award nominee Jason Herndon dedicates his latest single to the memory of C.T. Taylor, a beloved figure in Herndon’s hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. “Never Had a Bad Day,” set to release on January 19, is a remembrance of Taylor’s enduring positivity, the impact he had on his community, and his faith in God.

Drawing from his own experiences in life, Herndon narrates the story of C.T. Taylor’s unshakeable optimism. The song captures the essence of a man who faced life’s challenges with an unwavering smile, leaving an unforgettable mark on his community and the people he knew. The song explores themes of optimism, joy, and faith amidst hardship. About “Never Had a Bad Day,” Herndon says, “In a time when I couldn’t find a positive subject to write about, I used his message as inspiration. Everyone that hears this song that is from my hometown will quickly remember this wonderful man!”

“Never Had a Bad Day” is more than just a song – it’s a celebration of resilience and a reminder that we all have struggles in life. Herndon says that he hopes to “inspire people with my stories. We’re all going through something, and it’s always nice to not feel alone in the hard times.” The single is now available on all major streaming platforms, promising fans a positive and inspiring listening experience.

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You can listen to “Never Had a Bad Day” here.

Jason Herndon, a singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and engineer.

Jason Herndon is a Country and Americana singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and engineer, signed to 615 JJ Entertainment for distribution publishing and sync. He’s also a clinician for the iconic C.F. Martin & Co and has been Blake Shelton’s guitar tech for well over a decade. He was nominated for Backline Technician of the Year for Blake Shelton by the Country Music Association in 2023. Working in the music industry since 2006, Herndon is a true jack of all trades, combining his Southern upbringing and honest storytelling with compelling lyrics, exceptional musicianship, and a distinctive vocal delivery. Herndon released his third studio album, I Don’t Know, in 2020, and he plans to deliver several more singles and music videos in 2024.

Find out more about Jason Herndon at Stay in touch with him on YouTube

@JasonHerndon and on Instagram, X, and TikTok @jherndonmusic.

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