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Artist: Julian King

Julian King is an emerging, Emmy-nominated singer/songwriter, who is breaking into the music industry with the poise and class of a seasoned veteran. A triple threat fromPhilly with virtuoso vocals, attention-grabbing dance moves, as well as skillful musicianship on piano, there is no denying that Julian King is a multi-talented artist. Fresh off NBC’s The Voice, where he placed in the Top 32, King’s recent accomplishments include an Emmy nomination for the official theme song for the film “All Boys Aren’t Blue”, two successful revue-style shows, touring five-star hotels in China for a year, performing the National Anthemfor the Philadelphia 76ers, singing background vocals for Syleena Johnson, and opening for Mary J. Blige. King is also the first recipient of the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame Curtis Mayfield Scholarship Award for singers/songwriters. Additionally, he voices a lead character in Fischer’s Price children’s cartoon “Laugh and Learn” and has had a sync placement in the show “Finding Happy.” With his definitive style and formidable talent, King is on a fast trajectory to be the next world-class entertainer and icon.

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This is the story of self love. A story about a little Black girl’s navigation of self love through her experience of “becoming” in the Black hair salon.

Often seen as a rite of passage amongst Black women, this story outlines the tales of what

happens here, who it happens with, and the effect it has on every little girl.

The little girl grows over time, through the natural experiences in the shop. The water she feels

comes from the shampoo bowl.


The air comes from the dryers and blow dryers. The colors she

sees are the wigs and weaves, braids, textures – the colors from within.


There is community.

There is strength. There is love. This experience tackles the same essence of racial disparity and how it affects the most unappreciated operas on

this planet: the Black woman.


The retelling of what society sometimes makes Black women feel like – fat, ugly, and unwanted.

This story turns into one of triumph and reverence

for the Black woman. A journey into honoring the strength, confidence, and sassiness that adds on to the embodiment of a woman.


Going from a kitchen monster of sorts to a beautiful Black woman. She’s strong. She’s confident. She’s bold.

She’s sarcastic. She’s curvy. She’s round. She’s loud.

And she’s proud.


This is an exploration about what it really means to love your culture and stick to your guns as it relates to worth and value. This is a conversation

amongst twomembers of ballroom: one that wants

to leave, and one that wants him to stay. It's also a

love letter to the Black ballroomscene, which has

been under the scene for so many years, and is just

making its emergence within the past few years.

Seen in HBO Max's Legendary, FOX's Pose, and by

the Queen Bey herself during the Renaissance

world tour, this is a beautiful dive into the rich

culture of ballroom. How it began, what it's known

for, and the value and impact it's had from theatre

to mainstream pop and more.

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Located in Nashville, our company is built on the collaboration of two successful entrepreneurs, Jimmy Maynes and Jenny Woldt, brought together by mutual respect and a common visionary belief – in order

for the music to succeed, we must focus on the creative, and the success will follow.

615 JJ Entertainment is a full service, cross genre, artist management, publishing, tour management, and music entertainment company. Our team of experienced professionals work tirelessly to help artists grow and reach their full potential. With a focus on artist development, we provide a range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of each artist we work with.

From songwriting and music production to marketing and promotion, we are committed to helping artists succeed in the industry.

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